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1. The shepherd's mistake (Aesop/Greece) answers.com

2. Preparing for Winter (Aesop/Greece) bartleby.com
3. Flying Turtle (Jaiman/India) abcteach.com
4. The Giant and the Little Girl (Hanna/US) primaryresources.co.uk
5. A Bundle of Sticks (Unknown)      


1. The Chinese Horoscope (Chinese)  

2. Storytelling in Aboriginal Australia (Australian)  
3. "Hin-Jew" Festivals of Lights (Indian/Israeli)  
4. St. Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland (Irish)  
5. St. Patrick¨s Day (Irish)  


1. The First Woman (Greek)  

2. Prometheus and Man (Greek)  
3. The Different Ages of Man (Greek)     
4. The Twelve Olympians (Greek)     
5.The story of Zeus (Greek)     


1. Prince Llewelyn and his dog Gelert (Wales,UK)  

2. Robin Hood and Little John (UK)  
3. A Wolf Story (Ireland)  
4. The Story of Big Ears (India)  
5. How the kiwi lost its wings (New Zealand)  

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