Key words£ºbird, neck, share, jar
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Genre£ºfable Topic£ºshare Words:220
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¡°But we both belong to the same body,¡± said the second neck.

The bird with two necks

Author£ºSwapna Dutta Source£º  
Nation£ºIndia Date£º2008-8-13



The story is about a bird that had two necks but one common stomach. Although the bird was one, the two necks were mighty jealous of each other and did not want to share anything. One day one of the necks found a jar of honey.

¡°How lovely!¡± it cried as it gobbled up the honey.

¡°What¡¯s that?¡± cried the other neck, ¡°Let me have some too!¡±

¡°No fears,¡± cried the first neck swallowing up all the honey, ¡°I¡¯m not going to share anything with you.¡±

¡°But we both belong to the same body,¡± said the second neck.

¡°So what? I¡¯m not going to give you anything,¡± shouted the first neck, ¡°you can just find your own food.¡±

¡°I will and I won¡¯t share with you either.¡±

The second neck caught sight of another jar. This time it grabbed it and put it to its mouth. But this was a jar of poison.

¡°What have you got there?¡± asked the first neck curiously, ¡°Let me have a lick.¡±

¡°Of course not¡± cried the second neck, ¡°Like you, I¡¯d rather die than share anything with you.¡±

But as fate would have it, the words turned out to be a prediction. The bird died because the second neck had drunk up all the poison from the jar. And all because the necks were determined not to share! 



1. What was in the first jar?

2. What was in the second jar?

3. Why did the bird die in the end?


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