Key words£ºfox, drum, food
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Genre£ºfable Topic£ºone-track mind Words:320
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The fox jumped on the drum and tried to bite it.
The drum did not protest.

The fox with a one-track mind

Author£ºSwapna Dutta Source£º  
Nation£ºIndia Date£º2008-8-13


The fox who thought of nothing but food was resting in the forest one day when he heard the sound of a drum. Since he had never heard a drum before he had no idea what it was and followed the sound. It led him to a field where the king¡¯s drummer was practicing. After a while he left the drum and went off to rest. The fox went there and looked at the drum curiously. Since it made a sound the fox was quite sure that it was a live creature. His mouth watered as he looked at its round shape and imagined all the goodies that must be stuffed inside.

¡°How big and soft it looks¡± he said to himself, ¡°I am sure it must taste lovely! If only I could eat it!¡± but the fox was afraid of being attacked and did not dare to touch it at first. But when the drum remained still and did not move at all the fox decided to attack it.

The fox jumped on the drum and tried to bite it. The drum did not protest. But it was very tough and the fox could make no headway at first. He bit harder and harder and did not stop even when some of his teeth broke in the attempt. Finally he managed to break through the tough hide and made a hole.

¡°Wow! It must be full of tasty, soft meat which will last me for days!¡± he cried forgetting his bleeding mouth, ¡°how lucky I am to find this creature, whatever it is!¡±

But when he finally put his mouth inside he found nothing but a piece of wood and a scrap of leather, both quite unfit for eating! And he had lost all his front teeth into the bargain!

¡°If only I did not mistake it for food!¡± he told himself sadly. But it was too late!



1. What did the fox think of the drum?

2. What did the fox find inside the drum?


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