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Genre£ºfable Topic£ºcooperation Words:180
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"If I am to join you, the three of us must work together."

Three to get ready

Author£ºJeanne B. Hargett Source£º   
Date£º2008-5-26 Editor£ºEmma

(Illustration by Robert Jordan)


Three friends hopped until they came to a pond.

¡°I cannot hop over a pond,¡± Bird said. ¡°I must fly across and wait for you on the other side.¡±

¡°I do not see any lily pads,¡± said Frog, ¡°so I cannot hop over the pond either. I must swim across.¡±

¡°I cannot hop or fly that far,¡± Grasshopper said. ¡°Nor can I swim. If I am to join you, the three of us must work together.¡±

Grasshopper explained his plan. ¡°Please, Bird, fly to a tree and bring back a large leaf to float on the water. While I ride on the leaf, Frog can guide it across the pond.¡±

Grasshopper¡¯s plan worked perfectly. Soon the three friends were together on the other side of the pond.

¡°But, Grasshopper,¡± said Bird, ¡°I worked to bring the leaf, and Frog worked to push it. What work did you do?¡±

¡°I thought of the plan,¡± Grasshopper said, laughing. ¡°And my plan worked, for here we are, ready to hop.¡±

¡°So we are,¡± agreed Bird and Frog.

And so they did.



How did the three friends cross the pond?


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