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When people are afraid of me,
I suddenly grow into a giant
and everybody runs away from me.

The Giant and the Little Girl


作者:Hanna [美]              来源:www.skippingstones.org

日期:2008-08-20                    责编:Emma


There once was a place where all the people were happy and content. Everyone was friendly and neighborly. Even the dogs and cats played together.

Then one day a stranger was seen walking toward the village: a tall, tall stranger. As the stranger, who was a giant, came closer and closer, the people all ran into their houses and wouldn't come out.

The giant entered the village. He was enormous, towering over everything. All of a sudden a little girl stepped out on her porch. She jumped down from her porch. Her family yelled, "STOP! COME BACK! That's a giant!" But she didn't stop. She began to walk toward the giant.

The strangest thing happened. As the child walked toward the giant, he grew smaller and smaller. Soon he was the same size as the girl. As she came beside the giant, she towered over him. She stooped down and gently picked the giant up in her hands, asking, "What's your name?"

The giant whispered, "My name is F-E-A-R! Help me!! I have a terrible problem. I guess I look strange. When I meet people they are afraid of me. And when people are afraid of me, I suddenly grow into a giant and everybody runs away from me. YOU are not afraid of me, so I stayed small. Do you get it? It's crazy! Please help me!"

"I can take you for a walk through our village," the girl responded. "I want everyone to hear of your problem. When they know the truth, they will no longer be afraid of you. While we are going from house to house you can look at me all the time, and then you will stay the same size as you are now.

"But before we go, let's change your name. What do you want to be called? YOU should not be called FEAR, because YOU are not afraid. It's the people who look at you who fear you. That's what causes you to grow into a giant."

"Will you hold my hand gently? If I get scared I'll shut my eyes. Oh, and will you please call me PAL."  



1. What happened after the girl walked toward the giant?

2. What was the giant's terrible problem?

3. Why did the giant become small?

4. How could the giant stay the same size as other people?

5. What is the moral of the fable?


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