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He fought many battles as king
with his trusty sword Excalibur which was given to him
by the Lady of the Lake, Nynyve.

The life of King Arthur

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(Arthur drawing the sword from the stone)

King Arthur was a legendary king of Medieval times and was reknowned for his legendary knights of the round table.

Until Arthur was a teenager he had never known he was king. He had a foster parent and brother, Kay, who had been looking after him since his parents had died. King Uther Pendragon and Igranuye, wife of the Duke of Cornwall, before she married Uther, were his parents. Kay had to go to a tournament and Arthur could go.

That night they slept in an inn. The next day they went to the tournament.

When they got there Kay realised he had forgotten his sword, so he sent Arthur to go and get it, but the door of the inn was locked.

Arthur went back to tell Kay but on the way he saw the sword in a stone. He took it out and gave it to Kay without knowing that whoever took out that sword would become king.

Kay took it to show his father but his father knew he wasn't meant to be King, so he took both his sons back to the stone.

Only Arthur could pull it out so he became king, after his dad told him about his parents and Merlin.

He fought many battles as king with his trusty sword Excalibur which was given to him by the Lady of the Lake, Nynyve. King Arthur had several residences, one of which was Camelot, which was his favourite. Camelot was in Southern England. 

There are two versions of the events leading to Arthur's death.

Both say he fought a war against the Roman Empire Lucies and conquered most of Western Europe.

Early writers said he was called home without completing his conquest.

He heard that Mordred, a knight, who was either his nephew or his son had stolen his kingdom and his Queen. They said Arthur killed Mordred but later died from wounds.

Later writers say that Arthur completed his victory over the Romans. After he returned to Briton, Arthur and his knights went on a quest for the Holy Grail, the cup or dish that Jesus used at the Last Supper. After the quest, Arthur had lost nearly half of his men.

A love affair also developed between Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere. While fighting in a war against Sir Lancelot, Arthur heard about Mordred. After a battle between the two, they both died.

It was believed that Arthur was carried off to the mythical island of Avalon by Morgan La Fay, his sister, now queen of Avalon and Nynyve, Lady of the Lake, Queen of the Waste Land and Wife of the Fisher King. (The Waste Land is where the Holy Grail was kept.)

It was thought that Arthur would be healed and would return to his country when it was in great need.


(A bronze Arthur plate armour with visor raised and with jousting shield wearing Kastenbrust armour (early 15th century) by Peter Vischer, typical of later anachronistic depictions of Arthur)



1. How did Arthur become king? 

2. How did Arthur die?

3. What had Mordred done?

4. Where was the Holy Grail kept?


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