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Adonis was a very handsome man.



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Nation£ºGreece Date£º2008-8-22

(Adonis, a naked Roman torso,
restored and completed by François Duquesnoy,
Louvre Museum)

The princess Myrrha was bewitched by Aphrodite into seducing her father Theias, king of Syria. Myrrha tricked him into committing incest with her, although when he found out, he wished to kill her. She fled and was turned into a myrrh tree by Aphrodite to protect her from her father. Adonis sprang from the bark of the tree.

Adonis was a very handsome man, but still in danger from his father/grandfather. Aphrodite protected him by hiding him in a chest which she gave to Persephone, who agreed to look after him. However, when Aphrodite asked for him to be returned Persephone refused, having fallen in love with him.

When he was killed by a wild boar, both goddesses pleaded with Zeus to revive him. Zeus decreed that he should spend one third of the year with Persephone, one third with Aphrodite, and the other third with whoever he chose - Adonis chose Aphrodite.



1. Where did Adonis spring from?

2. How did Aphrodite protect Adonis?

3. Why did Persephone refuse to return Adonis to Aphrodite?


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