Key words£ºAphrodite, Adonis, love, Anemone
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Aphrodite heard the cries of her lover
and immediately rushed to his aid,
yet it was too late

Aphrodite and Adonis


Author£ºUnknown Source£º
Nation£ºGreece Date£º2008-8-22

(Aphrodite and Adonis,
Attic red-figure aryballos-shaped lekythos by Aison,
ca. 410 BC, Louvre)

One day Aphrodite was playing with her son Eros (Cupid) when he accidentally wounded her with one of his arrows. Before the wound healed her gaze fell on Adonis who was one of the most handsome men in the land-and immediately fell in love with him. She followed him around everywhere and even started to go hunting with him. She, Aphrodite, who had never before taken pleasure in anything but luxury, was hunting for love of this man!

But, his love of hunting began to concern her. She confronted him about it, reminding him that hunting was a sport where one had to be very careful. She warned him to take care in choosing his prey, to stay away from wild beasts that had the potential to cause him harm.

Unfortunately, Adonis being the ¡®typical¡¯ man did not take her advice. He spotted a boar and immediately grabbed his spear and went after it. The boar, alas, proved to powerful for him, the animal knocked away Adonis¡¯s spear leaving him defenceless.

On her swan drawn carriage Aphrodite heard the cries of her lover and immediately rushed to his aid, yet it was too late, Adonis had already died as a result of his foolish actions. Aphrodite sick with grief was not willing to see her lover fade away before her eyes. She sprinkled nectar on his skin and the body which once belonged to Adonis morphed into a flower. The new flower had crimson petals in memory of the blood shed by Adonis. Like the youth the flower dies as it reaches it¡¯s peak of beauty, the wind blows the blossoms open, and also blows the petals away. That¡¯s why the flower is known as Anemone, or wind flower.


(Anemone in flower)


1. How did Aphrodite love Adonis?

2. How did Adonis die?

3. What is the legend of Anemone?


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